TifTuf™ Certified Bermuda

TifTuf™ Certified Bermuda is the newest release from the world-renowned Tifton Campus at the University of Georgia bermudagrass breeding program. 

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TifTuf™ Bermuda maintains acceptable quality under drought stress without going dormant like many drought-tolerant grasses. It is now utilized as the scientific standard for all future university drought-tolerance evaluation trials. TifTuf™ Bermuda has consistently ranked in the highest quality groups in the 2014 NTEP trials. Available at our BirminghamFort Walton BeachGulfportPanama City Beach, and Pensacola locations.

ColorDeep green
TextureFine to medium blade.
SoilsTifTuf™ Certified Bermuda tolerates a relatively wide range of soil types but is best suited to well-drained fertile soils.
pH Tolerance Range6.0 to 6.5 is ideal.
Wear ToleranceExtremely wear tolerant
Shade ToleranceTifTuf™ has good shade tolerance
Classic St. Augustine sod

University research indicates TifTuf™ Certified Bermuda has:

  •  Unbeatable drought tolerance, using 38% less water than Tifway and is more drought tolerant than Celebration™, Latitude 36™, TifGrand®, and other tested bermudagrasses.
  • Better establishment and more rapid cover than Tifway.
  • Superior wear and traffic tolerance over TifwayCelebration™, and all other tested bermudagrasses, except TifGrand®.
  • Cold tolerance equal to Latitude 36™ at Kansas State University.
  • Faster spring green-up than TifwayPatriot™, and Celebration™.
  • Exceptional summer and fall density, with higher sod tensile strength than Tifway in spring and fall.
  • Excellent fall color retention, greater than Tifway and Celebration™, therefore, seldom requires dethatching.


  • Fine to Medium Texture 
  • Excellent Establishment 
  • Rapid Re-Growth and Recuperation from Damage
  • Deep Green
  • Extremely Wear Tolerant


  • Drought Tolerant
  • Shade Tolerant 
  • Cold Hardy 
  • Heat Tolerant 
  • Salt Tolerant 

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