Item # 701053

Add seaside charm to your deck or garden with the jellyfish artful wind chime by Sunset Vista Designs.
This artisan, handcrafted glass chime is made from multi-colored glass, mimicking natural worn sea glass. A myriad of shimmering ocean blues fades in and out throughout the chime. Below the jellyfish ex-umbrella, dangles 4 spiral oral arms of light metal surrounded by swaying glass tentacles, accented with colorful acrylic beads.
So, no matter where you live, close to the ocean or hundreds of miles away, the pleasant clangs and clinks add a bit of deep-sea enchantment to your garden or home.

Reminder: glass or ceramic wind chimes produce a lovely and soothing sound like the sound you hear when gently tapping a fork against a metal glass, but they aren’t very musical. These wind chimes are delicate, so they aren’t for use in any location subject to strong winds.
Includes easy hang metal chain & hook.
Measures approximately: 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 29.5″