Item # 740298

Hi-Yield Triple Super Phosphate encourages plants to develop sturdy root systems, increases bloom production, and strengthens fruit and bud set. Super Phosphate promotes vigorous plant root growth for vegetables, shrubs, flowers, shade, and fruit trees.

Application: 2 lbs per 100 sq ft

Shade and fruit trees: Apply 2 lbs for each inch of trunk diameter in early spring before growth begins or in fall after leaves drop. Apply evenly beneath and slightly beyond the branch spread.

Shrubs and flowers: Apply 2 lbs per 100 sq ft of bed in early spring and again in summer. For side-dressing apply a handful around each mature plant, work into the soil lightly and water thoroughly.

Vegetables: Apply 2 lbs over 30 sq ft and mix into the soil prior to planting. Side-dress with 2 lbs per 30 linear ft of row after seeding or planting. Water thoroughly after applying.

Read and follow label directions.

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