Item # 302925

How To Start Your Flowering Lawn Journey — No need to remove grass; simply mow existing grass very short, hand spread the flowering lawn seed into the grass evenly, one pinch at a time, water it, and watch it grow! Or dormant seed over fresh snow on a calm day when the ground is frozen.
Better For Your Family & The Environment — Our specialty flowering lawn seed is kid and pet friendly. It attracts beneficial pollinators while reducing your property’s carbon footprint!

Annual Seed — Crimson clover is a winter annual and will commonly survive winter except for in the Upper Midwest. Crimson Clover will not survive winter in zones 5 or colder but has the potential to reseed itself.

What To Expect When Using Flawn Seed — With regular watering, Crimson Clover will germinate in 1-2 weeks and plants will be small for the first couple of months. After the first growing season, it will bloom red flowers about 6-12″ tall from May to June, creating a vital nectar and pollen source.