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Southern Turf Hawaii

We Are Now Woerner Farms

First aired during the Alabama vs. Florida State football game on Sept. 2nd

Covid-19 Statement:

We have great products!

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Mission Statement

“Woerner Companies, Inc. is dedicated to the production and sale of premium quality lawn grasses and other landscaping products, and devoted to helping spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth.”

Our Promise

Woerner Companies, Inc. promises to provide our customers products made with the highest level of quality and care every step of the way, from our fields and factories to your home.

Pillars of Success

The foundation of the Woerner Companies is our unwavering faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. Built on this foundation are the pillars of our organization and together ensure the future success of Woerner Companies, Inc. These pillars are:

  • Great Work

    • Woerner’s has a long history in the agriculture business and nothing is more synonymous with this industry than hard work. We encourage all of our employees to work hard at what they do but more importantly we encourage Great Work through communication and collaboration between all levels of this organization.
  • Sustained Flexibility

    • Integration into all levels of the supply chain, from the fields to the retail outlets, allows the Woerner Companies to be flexible enough to consistently meet customer needs.
  • Innovation

    • Year after year we are investing in research and development of new varieties of sod, state of the art automated farm equipment, soil fertility techniques, and crop dehydration technologies so that we can be an industry leader in Ag related operations.
  • Meaningful Growth

    • We believe in the idea that if the business isn’t growing, it is dying. We are constantly searching for ideas that will help grow our company. Whether it is through acquisitions or internal expansion, we continue to build an organization of high performers by giving our employees new opportunities to advance themselves towards  their personal goals.