Bulk materials mulch at Woerner Landscape Source

Bulk & Pine Straw

All of our Woerner Retail Locations provide various bulk materials, as well as bagged soil and mulch.

Visit your local Woerner Retail Location to find a large supply of red cypress mulch, brown cypress mulch, river rock, masonry sand, topsoil, and more. Woerner carries bulk and bagged mulch, soil, pine straw, and a variety of other bulk and bagged materials.

Fill DIrt from Woerner

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is a combination of many naturally occurring materials, such as sand, subsoil, clay, and rock. It is generally used for instances like filling holes, grading, or elevating areas of your property. It is not recommended for gardens.

Bulk Top Soil from Woerner


Topsoil is the outermost layer of soil and has the highest concentration of organic material and microorganisms. It is also where plants concentrate their roots and obtain most of their nutrients essential to the success of both commercial and residential landscaping as well as agricultural growth.

Brown Bulk Mulch from Woerner


Woerner Landscape Mulch is a premium blended cypress mulch. Cypress mulch is considered the mulch of choice in most areas. Cypress mulch resists rotting, molding, and insects. Cypress mulch also stays in place, resists floating, and resists blowing away. Our premium Cypress Mulch is available in two cubic foot bags.

Sand from Woerner


Masonry sand is used in multiple aspects of the landscaping industry. One of the most popular features in landscaping on residential properties is paver applications. Installing pavers would be near to impossible without the sand base. The two main contributions to sand when installing pavers are providing stability so the pavers stay in place and for leveling purposes. The most recommended sand type for paver installation is coarse sand. Coarse sand is much easier to work with than any other sand type.

Gravel from Woerner


Gravel comes in many different sizes and colorations depending on its application and is a go-to for walkways and patios. It provides great texture in the garden landscape. Gravel is sold by the cubic yard. We’re sure to have what you need!

Pine Straw Rolls from Woerner

Pine Straw

Pine straw helps provide favorable growing conditions and stimulates healthy plant development. Pine straw rolls cover approximately 75’-100’ square feet (depending on depth, all measurements are approximate).

Woerner SuperSacks make transporting bulk materials simple


Woerner Retail Locations can load mulch, soil, and bulk materials into your vehicle or trailer, or load them into our one-ton SuperSacks. Delivery options are available (minimum delivery amounts vary by location).

Why should I mulch?

  • Mulch suppresses weed growth in flower beds and around trees
  • Mulch regulates soil temperature, keeping the soil warm in winter, and cool during the warm summer months
  • Mulch conserves soil moisture by reducing evaporation rates
  • Mulch increases the aesthetic appeal of any landscape
  • Mulch aids in the prevention of soil erosion
Red cypress mulch