Item # 303057

How to start your flowering lawn journey — no need to remove grass; simply mow existing grass very short, hand spread the flowering lawn seed into the grass evenly, one pinch at a time, water it, and watch it grow!
Better for your family & the environment — our specialty flowering lawn seed is kid and pet friendly. It attracts beneficial pollinators while reducing your property’s carbon footprint!
Reduce maintenance costs — white yarrow is a nitrogen fixer that replaces lawn fertilizers and reduces the need to mow. Once your flowering lawn is established, it won’t require watering, except in periods of extended drought.
What to expect when using flawn seed — with regular watering, white yarrow will germinate in 2-4 weeks, and plants will be small for the first couple of months. After the first or second growing season, it will bloom white flowers about 5-7” tall from june to august, creating a vital nectar and pollen source for our friendly pollinators.